Medical Assistant / Histo-Technologist

How does your typical working day look like?

The central part of my work is performing procedures for preparing and processing skin tissue specimens for microscopic examination. This requires not only advanced technological skills, but also the ability to perform efficient communication with the people - both patients and colleagues.

What’s different about the work at your current position?

I love that the company is aimed at our continuous education and improvement of our skills. The work is organized really well, and the equipment is modern, which especially influences my working experience as a histotechnologist. That’s very important to me.

What do you like the most in your current job?

I love the fact that all my colleagues are responsible, thoughtful and open-minded people. Our culture of mutual respect and support is amazing. Also, I’m glad that I’ve chosen the dermatology field. The knowledge I gain here directly influences my lifestyle choices and improves the quality of my life.

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